A Church Plant for God’s Glory

Elders & Deacons

Pastor Mike Bell

Mike Bell completed his Bachelor degree in Philosophy in 2005. After many years of lay ministry in Western PA, he and his family followed the call to seminary in 2017. He completed his Master of Divinity at Shepherds Theological Seminary in Cary, NC. While in seminary from 2017-2022, he taught middle and high school Bible at a Christian school. Mike graduated seminary in May 2022 and the Lord quickly impressed upon his and his family’s heart the need and desire for planting a church in their hometown area. Mike has been married to his wife Sarah for nearly 20 years, and they are blessed with two children: David and Naomi.

Due to MBC’s recent planting, Pastor Mike is currently the only elder. There are men officially considering the roles of Elder and Deacon.


Messiah Bible Church was planted in Zelienople, PA in September 2022.

Shepherd’s Network of The Shepherd’s Church in Cary, NC came alongside the Bell family and other core families in the local area to plant this church for God’s glory.